CXC CSEC English A exam - study strategies

CXC CSEC English A exam - study strategies


This wiki book is a collection of exam study strategies you can use when preparing to sit the CXC  CSEC English A exam.


Each wiki page contains a study strategy  suggested  by participants in our CaribExams research study.


It is a study strategy that they themselves use. Or, it is a study strategy that they recommend because they think it is a good one.


Click on "add a child page" to add your own page with an exam study strategy to this book.


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poochie tho (not verified)
just want to know some good

just want to know some good study tips

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guest (not verified)
English B

I think the information you provide is extremely helpful.

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Brandon Flowers (not verified)
i am happy to become a part

i am happy to become a part of this study group. and hope to use the information given to study for mu up coming csec exams!

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CXC tips

When preparing for CXC English exam practicing the main questions are a big help.
Also asking teachers for help and advice can leave you feeling confident about your work.
Read over the questions and answer accordingly. Check your answers again to see if what you have is correct. Relax before and during an exam.

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Pinkest (not verified)
prep for exams

Breathe in and out make sure your mind is clear think that you are doin a mid term exam try not to eat heavy when attempting english a u should start with the short story then the argument then the poems and passages. In other words do the hardest first. Good Luck and Remember I need you You need me We need each other to survive.:)

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toney (not verified)
Great Info!

Hey Pinkest!
Great exam prep info. Thanks for sharing this.

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english a

how to be creative to write story

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Read the questions and answers before reading the passages, this will allow you to be familiar with the passage as to what it is all about..

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