CXC CSEC exam guide: Human and Social Biology

CXC CSEC Exam Guide

Human and Social Biology



Exam guide: Human and Social Biology

Based on the CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology syllabus (From May/June 2011)

Organization of the CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology exam:



Exam time


Question type
Exam marks
Exam percent
paper 1
11/4 hrs

Multiple choice
(60 questions)

drawn from all areas of the syllabus
(each question is worth 1 mark)


60 marks
Paper 2
2 hours

Section A:

4 compulsory structured questions - drawn from all areas of the syllabus

(each question is worth 15 mks = 60 mks total)


Section B:

2 compulsory structured essay questions - drawn from all areas of the syllabus

(each question is worth 15 mks = 30 mks total)

90 marks
150 marks


The syllabus for the Human and Social Biology exam is divided into five (5) sections. Each section is comprised of several units.


The five sections are section A, B, C, D and E.

Section A

Living organisms and the environment


Section B

Life processes


Section C

Heredity and Variation


Section D

Disease and its impact on humans


Section E

The impact of health practices on the environment




The units in each section are listed below:


Section B: Life Processes

1. Nutrition



2. The Respiratory System



3. The Circulatory System



4. The Skeletal System



5. Excretion and Homeostasis



6. Coordination and Control



7. The Reproductive System


Section E: The Impact of Health Practices on the Environment  


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crissy's picture
crissy (not verified)
Food and Nutrition

It was ok, I did my best and I have a gud feeling that I will get a gud exam grade.

crissy's picture
meisha (not verified)
did u know what chuckney is

did u know what chuckney is

crissy's picture
riana (not verified)
hsb exam today

ok i did the hsb exam today and the layout was not what i expected even though it was on this site (which i thought was a mistake). the questions were a lil tricky, but i tried my best and pray that i pass both papers, paper 2 in june

crissy's picture
guest (not verified)
This is so awesome

This is so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY HELPFUL

crissy's picture
guest (not verified)
finally the hsb syballus

i really hope tis works kk

crissy's picture
riana (not verified)
the syllabus was out a while

the syllabus was out a while ago, they just added a few more bits of info. What I hate about this , it is so much reading.

crissy's picture
Renee Thomas (not verified)

i am now doing it for the first time i need help i want to do it in January please God. I really need help can anyone help me please

crissy's picture
riana (not verified)
I am doing hsb for the first

I am doing hsb for the first time ever too, i wanted to do it in january this year but i know if wasn't ready to do it, so i put it back to may/june. It is alot of reading and trying to understand what you read. What I do (even though i tend to freak out a bit when revising)is to try to get as many past papers as possible and after you read a topic try to answer the questions on the past paper that relate to the topic you read. Cause the syllabus is basically everything in the book, there is no specific area to focus on. As my teacher said, just read and something will stick. even though to me sometimes stuff don't seem to stick that easy.

crissy's picture
guest (not verified)
I am doing hsb for my first

I am doing hsb for my first time also too, this year and its okay yes alot of reading and i wish my self all the best and yes i am working so hard because time doing i will be do cxc.

crissy's picture
guest (not verified)
Why are you

writing like that? You are barely making sense. Not sure you will pass your exams if that is the level of your writing skill. Try reading the newspapers to see how to write sentences.

crissy's picture
cameal (not verified)
human and social biology

Well i just trust and hope that this will help.

crissy's picture
Desean (not verified)

I love who ever who has done this. but im really bad in multiple you think that you can outline the topics that come for multiple choice along with some questions. I'm really worried.

crissy's picture
guest (not verified)
Finally! the whole HSB syllabus!

Great work! I have been waiting for you guys to finish all the units of the HSB syllabus.
And just in time for the exams too.

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