CXC Integrated Science exam guide: Section B: Fossil fuels/ Solar energy/ Alternative sources

CXC Integrated Science exam guide: Fossil fuels/ Solar energy/ Alternative sources

CXC Integrated Science Exam Guide

Section B-The Home/Workplace

General objectives of the section:

Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of:


the soil and the sea as two most important outdoor working environments in the Caribbean and that they are both natural resources as well as ecosystems


the relationship between humans and the environment in which they work


the need for appropriate physical conditions such as ventilation and sanitation in the home and the workplace

the inter-conversion and conservation of the different forms of energy;

the occurrence of accidents and hazardous situations and safety measures used in their prevention.


Specific Objectives

Students should be able to:

Explanatory notes
Suggested Practical Activities


Identify the energy obtained from petroleum as stored energy;


Simple combustion experiments to show that energy is evolved from petroleum.


Distinguish between luminous and non luminous flame;


Basic principles of combustion

Use a burner to show the two types of flames.


Discuss problems associated with the use of fossil fuels;

Fossil fuels as a non-renewable resource; environmental effects of acid rain, global warming




*describe the process of fractional distillation;  

*a fractionating column is best but simple experiments are acceptable e.g. test tube used for experiment, delivery tubes and crude oil samples with a hot water bath will illustrate the idea of separation by distillation.



Discuss the uses of solar energy;


Demonstrate the heating effect of the sun.

6 Discuss variables affecting solar energy transfer;

Conduction, convection and radiation as methods of heat transfer.



7 Appraise the extent to which solar energy can be used as an alternative source of energy.

Loss of energy during conversion; devices such as solar water heaters, cooler cells


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can u ans a q for me

can u ans a q for me

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