CXC Integrated Science exam guide: Section A: Respiration

CXC Integrated Science exam guide: Respiration

CXC Integrated Science Exam Guide

Section A-The Organism

General objectives of the section:

Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of:


The interdependence of life processes;


The relationship between an organism and its environment;  

The relationship between structure and function of an organism;

Unit IV: Respiration

Specific Objectives

Students should be able to:

Explanatory notes
Suggested Practical Activities

1. Discuss the importance of respiration to organisms


Definition, substrate and products, word equation; site of, form and importance of energy release; energy related to type of substrate.

Experiments to show release of energy and carbon dioxide by organisms.

2. Compare and contrast aerobic and anaerobic respiration


Types - compare amounts of energy, products and when used; industrial importance of anaerobic.


3.Explain the mechanism of inhalation and exhalation


Inhalation - mechanisms for increasing/decreasing volumes; pressure and volume changes


4. Discuss the features common to respiratory surfaces


Distinguish between inhaled and exhaled air; consider use of the bell jar.


5. Discuss ailments that are caused by environmental pollution

Allergies, lung cancer and other lung ailments.

Collect newspaper clippings, make histograms.

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thanks its better to use this

thanks its better to use this

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