CXC Integrated Science exam guide: Section B: Pests and parasites/sanitation

CXC Integrated Science exam guide: Pests and parasites/sanitation

CXC Integrated Science Exam Guide

Section B-The Home/Workplace

General objectives of the section:

Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of:


the soil and the sea as two most important outdoor working environments in the Caribbean and that they are both natural resources as well as ecosystems


the relationship between humans and the environment in which they work


the need for appropriate physical conditions such as ventilation and sanitation in the home and the workplace

the inter-conversion and conservation of the different forms of energy;

the occurrence of accidents and hazardous situations and safety measures used in their prevention.


Specific Objectives

Students should be able to:

Explanatory notes
Suggested Practical Activities

1. Describe the conditions which promote the growth of micro-organisms;

Procedures for retarding and preventing the growth of bread mould


2. Discuss conditions that encourage the breeding of household pests;

Cockroaches, flies, rats, mosquitoes.


3. Discuss the principles of food preservation;


Toxins, salting, drying, pickling, heating, refrigeration, adding sugar and treating with other preservatives;

the effects of microorganisms on food.


4. Discuss the different types of waste;


Domestic, industrial and biological waste.


5. Discuss the need for personal and community hygiene

The importance of the state disposal of waste, adequate toilet and sewage disposal facilities, garbage collection and disposal.

Uses to which waste can be put for example, recycling, biogas production;

environmental effects such as pollution of potable water, food contamination, increase in pest population; prediction of their consequences;

assessment of the effects of unsanitary conditions on the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.


6. * discuss the role of antigens and antibodies in natural and artificial control of diseases Vaccines; an awareness of AIDS as a disease which results from damage to the immune system.  
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martcel (not verified)
integrated science

I've been searching for this exact syllabus and it's greattttt!!!!!

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antonya (not verified)
integrated science

I cannot find the my homework

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oneil (not verified)
integrated science

Love it I attend st jago high on base on the. Syllabus I am ready

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Domenica Jones (not verified)

This was really helpful and i totally understand what to do. It really helped me study. Thanks

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easron (not verified)
Pest and parasites

what conditions do they live in

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