Information Technology Exam Guide Unit 3: Program Implementation

CXC CSEC Information Technology: SECTION 3: Program Implementation





On completion of this Section, students should have an understanding of how to convert algorithms to programs using structured programming techniques.




The students should be able to:

1. Distinguish between low-level and high level programming languages;

Low-level language (Machine or Assembly Language);

High- level language (Pascal, C).


2. Distinguish among the different generations of programming languages;

Characterization of first through to fifth generation languages.


3. List the sequence of steps associated with implementing a program;

Create source code, compile, linking, executing, maintain program.


4. Explain commonly used terms and concepts in programming;

Testing, debugging, syntax errors, logic errors, run-time errors, dry run, test data.


5. Declare elementary data types;

Integers, real numbers, characters.


6. Declare variables and constants;

Use of meaningful variable names and constants; assign initial


7. Manipulate data;

Reading from and writing to variables, arithmetic operations.


8. Use control structures;

Conditional branching: if-then, if-then-else, Loops: while, repeat, for.

9. Manipulate data in a list;

Declare 1-dimensional arrays; reading from and writing to arrays; traversing arrays; linear search.


10. Perform checks and tests on
programs to verify correctness
Testing and debugging techniques.
11. Write documented programs. Importance of documentation; features of internal
documentation (use of mnemonic names, use of
comments, indentation, effective use of white spaces);
external documentation (user manuals).

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its a good tituorial

its a good tituorial

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