Here are some important links:

CXC_logo - CXC - The Caribbean Examination Council, this is the regional examining agency for all CSEC,CAPE and CVQ exams.


Online support and instructional websites for CXC CSEC exam candidates


Below is the most up-to-date list available of all free online tutoring and exam revision support for CXC students.


KhanAcademy- A free website dedicated to supporting math students everywhere. The Khan academy has over 2,000 videos on all levels and branches of maths. His explanations are clear and easy to follow and he makes maths very accessible. We highly recommend this website to CXC CSEC math exam candidates.


As we become aware of more websites we will continue to post them here.


Okay, so here are links to websites of the Ministries of Education in the Caribbean where students sit CXC exams.

If you are in a territory and you don't see your island's Ministry of Education website here, it's because we couldn't find it online.

Why are we giving you this information? So that you can check through your island's website from time to time to see if there is information available on your CXC CSEC exams.


Anguilla flag - Anguilla - Department of Education


Antigua and Barbuda flag -Antigua and Barbuda - Ministry of Education



barbados flag - Barbados - Ministry of Education


Belize flag - Belize - Ministry of Education


BVI flag - British Virgin Islands - Ministry of Education


Cayman Islands flag - Cayman Islands - Ministry of Education


Dominica flag - Dominica - Ministry of Education


Grenada flag -Grenada - Ministry of Education


Guyana flag - Guyana - Ministry of Education


Jamaica flag - Jamaica - Ministry of Education


Montserrat flag - Montserrat - Ministry of Education


St kitts nevis flag - St Kitts and Nevis - Ministry of Education


St Lucia flag - St Lucia - Ministry of Education


St Vincent and the Grenadines flag - St Vincent and the Grenadines - Ministry of Education


Trinidad and Tobago flag - Trinidad and Tobago - Ministry of Education


Turks and Caicos flag - Turks and Caicos Islands - Ministry of Education



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