CXC math topic: CONSUMER ARITHMETIC (2010)

CXC math topic: Consumer Arithmetic (2010)

CXC General Proficiency Math Topic: CONSUMER ARITHMETIC (2010)



On completion of this section, students should:

1. develop the ability to perform the calculations required in normal        business transactions, and in computing their own budgets;

2. appreciate the need for both accuracy and speed in calculations;

3. appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of        investing money;

4. appreciate that business arithmetic is indispensible in everyday life;

5. demonstrate the ability to use concepts in consumer arithmetic to        describe, model, and solve real world problems.



Students should be able to:


1. calculate discount, sales tax, profit or loss;




express a profit, loss, discout, markup and purchase tax as a percentage of some value;




solve problems involving marked price (or selling price), cost price, percentage profit, loss or discount;





solve problems involving payments by installments as in the case of hire purchase and mortgages;




5. solve problems involving simple interest,

Principal, time, rate, amount.


6. solve problems involving compound interest, appreciation, and depreciation;

Principal, time, rate, amount (not more than 3 periods)


7. solve problems involving measures and money;

Include exchange rate.


solve problems involving:

(a) rates and taxes

(b) utilities

(c) invoices and shopping bills

(d) salaries and wages

(e) insurance and investments.




Here are our consumer arithmetic tutorials to help you prepare for this section of the CXC math exam

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kason (not verified)
can someone aplly me with the

can someone aplly me with the formulars for paper 2 topics?

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petagaye reid (not verified)


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