CXC Mathematics past papers and solutions, term papers, practice exams

Please check and search for user Abdullah Zakariyya. You will find lots of useful information on CXC mathematics. I have uploaded many exam papers, answers, practice tests with answers, assignments,...etc.

I am asking all of you to check them because, its very difficult to upload questions here with special characteristics used in mathematics typing.

Hope you all find the materials useful for CXC preparation.

Should any of you have a particular problem on any CXC mathematics problems, please do not hesitate to through at me. I will be willing and able to help you.





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shan Shan (not verified)
CXC Maths and Biology

I will be resitting Maths and Biology soon and I will like to get some help from this website. In order to get a good grade for college next year september

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Adid (not verified)
IT help!!

i need help with paper 3 Info Tech cxc any1 have a site i can review 1st time im doing it i dont have a clue how to start

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guest (not verified)
Csec math

Cool thanks a lot

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guest (not verified)
I need HELP with my math

I need some mathematics material and answer because it a kill me and I need that subject.

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kadesh marsh (not verified)

i consider math to be one of my challenging subject since high school and now being in the working world without it is extremely frustrating. i am sitting math next year June and need all the extra help i can get. Please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!.

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Joined: 23 Oct 2007
Re: CXC math practice papers at scrib

Hi Abdullah,

Sorry you had so much trouble posting the maths papers here. Yes, there are still some issues typing the special mathematics characteristics using the normal editor.

The documents you are talking about would have had to be uploaded to our site, just like you did at scrib. It would not have been possible to type them all out.

That being said, on behalf of CXC exam candidates everywhere, thank you very much for sharing the CXC math exam practice papers. I am sure that many of them will appreciate what you have done.

I am including a direct link to your collection on scribd so that members and guests will not have to search too hard to find your library of documents there.

I will also embed some of your documents in our community here very soon. That way CXC exam candidates can have a preview of your collection here before they hop over to scribd.

All the best.

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