CXC CSEC exam guide: Human and Social Biology: Coordination and Control: neuron quizz

CXC CSEC exam guide: Human and Social Biology: 
Coordination and Control: motor neuron quizz

Here is a "drag and drop" quizz activity which will help you test you on the parts of a motor neuron (nerve cell).


You simply click on the term and drag it to the part of the neuron you think it identifies.


If you complete the first activity easily, you may want to attempt the second more difficult quizz on the motor neuron.

Please read the directions before attempting the activity.


Taking these quizzes can be useful in your CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology exam revision strategy. We suggest that when you take the quizzes, you check your progress by completing a test analysis worksheet when you are done.


It will help you locate where you need more revision.


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CXC English A Paper 2_ Summary Writing

the summary type question # 21 has no sample answers

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