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Greetings to all my online buddies!
Does anyone has an idea how CXC assigns grade to subjects? I may seems kind of vague asking such question. Here is an example to make my question a little more comprehensible.
92%-100% Distinction
85%-91% Grade 1
78%-84% Grade 2
60%-77% Grade 3
40%-59% Grade 4
20%-39% Grade 5
0%-19% Grade 6
The above method of assigning grades is not true. Note: Once more it's an example. If anyone of my online buddies has information on the correct method of grade assignation which is in connection to percentage as indicated in the above mentioned example, please reply. I shall love to hear from you.
Your online buddy

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incorrect grammar, should be

incorrect grammar, should be - 'Does anyone "have" an idea','If anyone of my online buddies "have" information' (not "has"). and no i don't.

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English A general

I studied English one week before exams and got a grade 3

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what happens if you obtain

what happens if you obtain little amount marks on the long paper, and you graded about 30/60 for the multiple choice and you pass your sba, is it possible that you can still obtain a grade 3 at least.

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Kathy-ann Daniel
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Re: what happens if you obtain...

Hmmm... I am not sure. Since I don't know how much marks you made on the long paper and have absolutely no idea what grade you got on your SBA, I really can't say. If I said anything, I would be guessing.

What does your gut tell you? Do you think you passed?

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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I have heard that Cxc grades

I have heard that Cxc grades on a bell curve therefore it depends on the average grades of everyone who wrote and then it would be decided what percentage is assigned to which grade. Hope this helps.

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Re: I heard CXC grades

Hi, it is actually inaccurate to say that CXC grades on a bell curve; they do not. In fact, we discussed here how CXC grades papers some time back.

Here is the link to the post about how CXC grades. It might be helpful for you to have a look at it.

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CXC grades

Tony, I don't think CXC tells you what percentage you make to get a grade 1,2,3,4 or else. They just tell you what grade you get and that's it. I have never heard of anyone finding out what percentage they got in a CXC subject. If you find out any information on that could you let me know as well?


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I beleive english is very easy to pass because u jus have to do your best in your essays and have alot of faith in GOD....:0

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Desishan (not verified)
i think they assign grades

i think they assign grades based on how the overall population does well that wat i heard