CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology: Heredity and variation: Mitosis, meiosis: Interactive demonstration

 CXC CSEC Human and Social Biology: Heredity and variation:
cell mitosis and meiosis: interactive demonstration




Here is an interactive cell animation online.  It presents interactive demonstrations and information on both plant and animal cells with definitions, and descriptions.

There is an interactive demo of the cell processes mitosis and meiosis.


There are cell cams so you can watch cells live and you can look at the cell cycle.


There is even a quizz on cell biology.


Here is another quizz on the structure and function of cells.



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guest (not verified)
human and social biology

this website would be very helpful with my studies

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matthew lewis (not verified)
Heredity and variation

ahhh this can help me alot in my studies.

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