CXC CSEC Social Studies exam guide - Section C1: Communication

exam guide: Social Studies: Section C1: Communications


CXC CSEC Social Studies Exam Guide: OPTIONS

Section C1: Communication



The students should be able to:


Define and use correctly major terms and concepts associated with communication.

Explanation of the following terms and concepts related to communication:


(b) news agency,

(c) medium,

(d) message

(e) receiver,

(f) sender,

(g) transmission,

(h) journalism,

(i) propaganda,

(j) censorship,

(k) freedom of expression,

(l) freedom of the press,

(m) oral traditions,

(n) voice-mail,

(o) electronic mail,

(p) website,

(q) teleconferencing,

(r) telecommuting,


(t) pager


(v) libel

(w) slander

(x) Internet

(y) copyright

(z) plagiarism


2. Describe the various forms of communication used in the Caribbean;

Forms of communication used in the Caribbean:

(a) non-verbal, pictograms, screams, signals signs, gestures, postures mime, art forms;

(b) verbal speech, print, song and drama;

3. Explain how forms and media of communication are influenced by geographical, socio-cultural and technical factors;

(a) Media of communication: messengers,
video cassette recorders,
cell phones,
portable music players.

(b) Factors that influence forms and media of communication:

(i) geographical - distance, climate, rivers, mountains, sea;

(ii) socio-cultural - languages, socio-economic status, beliefs, customs, religions;

(iii) technological - changes in technology, energy, electronics, transistor, design of instrument, type of instrument, computer;


Describe the factors responsible for breakdown in communication;


Breakdown in communication due to:

(a) age and gender differences,

(b) prejudices,

(c) beliefs,

(d) ideology,

(e) status,

(f) unresolved conflict,

(g) mistrust,

(h) stress,

(i) strained relationships,

(j) Failure of equipment,


5. Describe how the regional mass media can help promote regional integration;

Regional mass media and regional integration,

Role of radio and television stations, printing establishments, regional news agencies and departments of information.

6. Examine the challenges presented by the global media in relation to cultural penetration and the development of the region;

Effects of global media on Caribbean society with regard to:

(a) identity,

(b) attitudes,

(c) behaviour,

(d) perceptions,

(e) freedom of expression,

(f) creativity,

(g) nationalism,

(h) regionalism


Analyze the effects of different forms of ownership and control of mass media in the Caribbean communication networks;

(a) Forms of ownership:

(i) Private - individuals, groups, companies, corporations;

(ii) Public - Government corporations;

(iii) differences in stages of growth and development;

(iv) Joint - partnership between public and private enterprise.


(b) Effects of forms of ownership.


Evaluate the ways in which cultural heritage in the Caribbean is transmitted and transformed;

Transfer of cultural heritage through communication by:

(a) cultural groups,

(b)  artists,

(c) mass media,

(d) institutions.

9. Outline the regulatory functions of government and media associations in relation to the media.


Regulatory practices:

(a) licensing

(b) mediating in disputes;

(c) censorship boards;

(d) code of ethics

10. Describe the ways in which artistic and creative works are protected;

Protection of creative or artistic work:

(a) copyright laws;

(b) institutions for the preservation and protection of creative and artistic work.


Describe how communications technology can help promote regional integration.


Communications technology and regional integration;

Role of cellular phones;


electronic transfers;

electronic mail;

telecommunications networks.


Section C2: Consumer Affairs

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amanda (not verified)
social studies

what is paper 3 exactly

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social studies

its like if you didnt do the sba its similar to an sba.. its hard though

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Social studies Paper 3

what are the research material do they give you to do for social studies paper 3. i have no idea whats its about. someone please help!!!!

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yea allyuh kinda stick on

yea allyuh kinda stick on dat. I needed help wid ss before now.

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social studies options finally!!!

Finally! u'll post the options for social studies! and after the exams done too!!! i'll say thanks but u'll kinda slack too y u'll do it after exams pass and not b4???

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