Cxc Results

 I got
2- Biology
2- Chemistry
1- English B - straight A profile
1-English A
1- Physics
1- Religious Educations straight A profile
1-French Straight A profile

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guest (not verified)
Maths, English A, I.T., E.D.P.M., Principles of Account

I wud really love to c my results cause it's been a long time I'm trying to access it...

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guest122 (not verified)
I got 10 subs !! :D English A

I got 10 subs !! :D

English A - 1 Straight A profile
Math - 1
Info. Tech - 1
Chemistry - 1
Biology - 1
Physics - 2
Spanish - 1 Straight A profile
French - 1 Straight A profile
Geography - 2
History - 1

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Angel (not verified)
poa pob and social studies

i would like to know how u check ur cxc results

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guest (not verified)
english, maths

at 11: results will be in

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Georgia (not verified)
social studies & English

Where can I get my cxc 2014 results am anxious

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Voshaun Manodh (not verified)

I would like to see my result please.thank you.

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Georgia (not verified)
social studies & English

I am anxious to get my results please come out soon

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guest (not verified)
English language mathematics edpm p.o.b social studies

i want to see my results and cxc is denying me access..geeeehhhhh I'm so anxious to see them please when I've clicked on the third part of the login nothing is not writing...please fix it

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Princess Lisa (not verified)
My result

I want to known when May/June 2014 Maths and English result will be out .I am anxious.

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david jabore (not verified)

Hi Would like to access my cxc results from the above mention subjects!

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petal (not verified)
maths, english

need result for cxc for may 21&22

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kemar williams (not verified)
english and maths

I would like to now my result

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guest (not verified)
maths english A poa econ infor tec

i did cxc in may-june 2013 and i would like to know my results plz

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guest (not verified)
maths, English, science , social studies, home economics

by god grace I pray that I pass

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Rushane Bartley (not verified)

I would like to know my maths cxc result for may/June 2013

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Nicole Stanislas (not verified)
I'm ready for my results have

I'm ready for my results have been waiting patiently and can't find it

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guest (not verified)

each time i try to login and see my csec results for may/june 2013 it keep on saying you are currently denied accsess i really want to know why is that

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guest (not verified)
help about cxc

when i login in and click on Grades/results. i see "please wait for the release date of this examination !". what is that message for. are the results release

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guest (not verified)

Cxc said today results would be out at 1:00 A.M... well since 2:00AM I'm up and still can't get any access to my results....... what's going on! plus is so anxious for my results grhhhhhh! lol

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ruth (not verified)
math,english A, english B,social-studies,history,food-nutrition

I haven't yet received my cxc may June results and I am really excited so please update me

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guest (not verified)
my mom is awaiting her

my mom is awaiting her results but there's nothing am looking and no results and it has released today!!!!!!!!!!

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reshma (not verified)
English Language

i need my cxc result for this subject because i am so excited.
thank you

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anna (not verified)
english maths accounts

i did my exams in june/may 2013 how can i get my result

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guest (not verified)
where can I get my 2013 june

where can I get my 2013 june cxc results

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Romain (not verified)
CXC Results

This is the link to check your CXC results:
I'm also waiting for my results,they will be released on 12th August online.

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tiki (not verified)
I need my results...i'm so

I need my results...i'm so excited

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kimeisha (not verified)
maths, english A, P.O.A, O.A, food and nutrition, home managemen

i really need to see my results. im living in Antigua and Barbuda

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kevin smith (not verified)
maths, english, social studies, integrated science, visual arts

how can I gain access to my cxc results? (PLEASE).

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guest (not verified)

results are not out yet.. not until august..

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guest (not verified)
Chemistry, biology, physics, HSB

I'm in present with exams right now! Got physics tomorrow ...any tips?!

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