Week 4 Summary Essay - HIV

Three decades ago doctors in USA were fascinated, by the pattern of a deadly disease which normally would affect significantly deficient patients yet ravaged young, healthy people!

Twenty years later the diagnosed HIV virus has spread and infected people worldwide. It touches every denomination, creed and class of society, raising the statistics of dead people and those carrying the disease to the millions.

Research and analysis has discovered the different ways in which the disease could be transmitted, yet the actual cause remained mysterious until 1983.

All sorts of arguments and issues on the topic, have risen among society and even in the pharmaceutical industry. These range from religious beliefs to retraction. Presently, the administering of therapeutic drugs is controversial.

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Kathy-ann Daniel
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excellent summary June!

Hello June,

This is an excellent summary which captures the major points of the passage. Since using words from the passage usually results in marks being deducted from your answer, I would not use the words 1980 or New York. I might have said something like three decades ago or in the early 1980's or something. Instead of New York, I would have said, doctors in the USA.

I like this statement very much, "by the pattern of a deadly disease which normally would affect significantly deficient patients yet ravaged young, healthy people!".

It is am excellent summary of this section of passage, "an extremely virulent form of pneumonia, usually found only in people with extraordinarily weakened system. they watched in alarm as patients, most of them young and with no particular history of illness, succumbed rapidly to an illness they could do nothing to halt."

Your essay is 123 words so the examiners would not have assessed your last three words, "drugs is controversial". That would be a pity so I would go back and see if you could cut out three words from somewhere else.

I would give this summary a grade 1.

Keep up the great work June!

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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