Review: Mathematics: A Complete Course in CXC Questions Volume 1. by Raymond Toolsie

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what a good book

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jayleene primus (not verified)

show me the working for this question please.

6.the custom duty on imported vehicles is 30% of the price paid by the importer.

(a)calculate the customs duty on a car for which the price paid by the importer is 8,500.

(b)calculate the price paid by the importer for a bus for which the amount paid, including customs duty, is 15,600.

i got the first question but i cant seem t get the other one? please help me

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30pecent over 130 multiplied by 100 over 1
then when you find that out you add 15,600 to that amount

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Yajid (not verified)

I need a mathematics text book for C.x.c volume one it is an good text book

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thomas (not verified)
i am lookin for a green cxc cover book that i use bak in 1999

i bought a green cover book back then to help me to prepare for CXC. if i could recall.i think the name of the book was
mathematics general proficiency cxc solutions 1990-2000.the cover was green. and i think the basic math cover was red.plesae i need to get that green book.

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Blingboo (not verified)

hi there i would love to get help in my maths. today i did a test on factorizing and i did not feel that i pass and feel that i am weak. i do not hate maths but i am not passing it....

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erica (not verified)
english and mathematics

i would like to know more about the subjects

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victor (not verified)
mathematics a complete course with cxc questions, volume one

I need to order this textbook, the second edition ; how do I get hold of the publisher email address for price in US dollars plus shipping cost by airmail to Belize ?

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Re: mathematics a complete course with cxc questions, volume one

Sorry, the publisher doesn't have any in stock and they don't know when they are going to get any more. All they have is vol. 2

Here is the publisher:
Caribbean Educational Publishers

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trini_bai (not verified)
re:mathematics a complete course with cxc questions, volume one

ship it from man!!

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victor (not verified)
Re: re:mathematics a complete course with cxc questions, volume does NOT sell this textbook