Our collection of CXC awarded short stories

Our collection of CXC CSEC English A short stories winning the annual award



I am very proud of our archive collection of the CXC CSEC English A short stories that won the annual award. I know that in the greater scheme of things, it might not really matter much, but still, I am very proud of it.


I guess my satisfaction and pride in the collection comes from the great amount of work that it took to get the collection together. It was not easy. We literally had to hunt down these short stories. This collection of CXC CSEC English A short stories spans twelve (12) years of exams from 2001 to 2012.


My goal is to collect all the CXC short stories from 2000 onward. Now, some would ask if I have nothing better to do with my time. But, I think it is a wonderful resource for CXC CSEC English A students to have a collection like this available to them. They can read these stories and get a sense of the kind of language use that CXC wants and how good CXC CSEC English A exam short stories are constructed.


The collection is not complete.

Our CXC CSEC short story collection is not complete however.  We are still missing the short story that won CXC CSEC English A annual award in 2000. So, if you have that short story hanging around, and would like to donate a copy of it to our collection, we would be very happy to accept.



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guest (not verified)
Access to story winning essays

I have tried several times to access the essays and I keep getting an Access denied message. Is there some way I can gain access to the samples?



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annasteisha (not verified)

Hi, am having so much trouble getting english...this year would be my third try the essays seemed to be my biggest challenge..any suggestions plz.

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guest (not verified)
I did the English A exam in

I did the English A exam in 2012, I got a grade one, I was really excited that ,maybe my story could have one for best short story but now Im finding out I didn't win :(

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aaliyah (not verified)
biology syllabus

can you guys plz help me to find the syllabus for biology

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guest (not verified)
Best stories

How can i access all the best stories from the site?

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Re: Best stories

Hello, CaribExams membership is required to access the best short stories.

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guest (not verified)
hw to i gain membership?

hw to i gain membership?

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guest (not verified)
science maths social studies

this year a my year fi cxc can u guys pls help me

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guest (not verified)
Every time i click on the

Every time i click on the link i keep getting "Access denied".

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delroyanderson (not verified)

i need help with my english skills

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guest (not verified)
cxc english

need these stories

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guest (not verified)
Re: Our collection of CXC awarded short stories

hello fellow friends! i did the english a exam 3 times. first, i got grade four. secondly, grade five and this year i got four again. for the first one i recieved c for understanding and e for expression. for the second one e for both expression and understanding then i got the same as the first exam this year. i really need english and i strongly have the mind to learn. i must get a grade one january, 2010. what can i do to improve my expression skills?

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Will this be/is this already published?

Or is this online?

My story is the 2001 story.

Vanessa Chee

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Kathy-ann Daniel
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Re: CXC short story award 2001

Hello, your short story is published in our collection of CXC short story awards, you can see it by going to this link.

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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