How to write a CXC English A short story in 45 minutes

 How to write a CXC CSEC English A short story in 45 minutes



So, how do you write a CXC CSEC English A short story in 45 minutes? 

Well, there are a lot of techniques for short story writing. Many of which will posted here over time. In this post, I just want to give you some "quick and dirty" tips for writing good short stories when you are not so good at it and you are under the pressure of time in the CXC CSEC exam room.


Tip 1: Write about things that you know well.

It is easier, faster and smarter to write about things that you know well.

When you choose a short story to write, try to stick to a story that you can connect to your own life and/or experiences. When you do this, you don't have to reach into your imagination so much. You already know much of the story because you have lived it yourself or you know someone who has.


Tip 2: Write about one short event or short experience.

Write about one event, one moment in time or one emotional experience.  When you make your story take place in a short space of time, or focus on one emotional moment, it is easier to start and end the story in 45 minutes. If you don't believe me, check out the CXC best short stories, each one is about an event that happens in a few minutes.


Tip 3: Make your sentences work hard.

Every sentence in a short story has to work overtime. It has to "double up" on what it does. It has to tell the story and build the mood or theme of the story at the same time. It's not just, " the road stretched in front of him", it's, "the road that stretched in front of him, seemed to echo the emptiness of his future".  See? In that one sentence I not only talked about the road but I also related it to the character's feelings and future.

Please note that a sentence doesn't have to be long to work hard.


Tip 4: Use short sentences.

It is easier to read short sentences than it is to read long sentences. You don't want the Examiner slowing down his reading to try to figure out what you want to say. You will impress the CXC  CSEC Examiner more by using simple, clear language to tell an exciting story, rather than using complex language to tell a story he can't figure out.


 Tip 5: Use simple words.

Sometimes exam candidates think that they need to use "essay language" to impress examiners. They use '10 dollar words' when '10 cent words' will get the job done just as good or better.

One way to tell if you are using 10 dollar words in your essay is to read your essay back to yourself as you are writing. If you find yourself stumbling over words, change the ones that you are stumbling over for easier words.

If the essay does not flow smoothly when you are reading it to yourself, see where you can rewrite it so that it is easier to read.


Tip 6: If you are not sure, don't use it.

If you are not sure about using quotation marks and other punctuation signs when writing direct speech, don't use direct speech in your story. Make life easy for yourself, use normal sentences and write in paragraph form.

If you are not sure about the spelling of a word, don't use it. Use another word that you are sure you know how to spell.

This is an easy way to save some marks.


Tip 7: Do not write about sex (or a lot of unnecessary violence).

The CXC CSEC English A Examiners really, really do not like when exam candidates write sexually explicit stories. They have said this publicly.


Tip 8: Write neatly.

I know this sounds too easy, but many people do not write neatly in exams. They are so busy trying to get everything down on paper, within the time limit, they don't worry about neat handwriting.  This is not a good idea.

When your handwriting is neat and easy to understand, you are reducing the work the Examiner has to do to read your essay. This puts him/her in a good mood, you want that. I repeat, you want that.


Tip 9: Leave time to proof-read your essay.

Leave 5 minutes out of your 45 minutes to proof-read your essay at the end.

We all make mistakes. In the heat of trying to get your whole essay on paper, you may have made spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Take a few minutes at the end of the exam to clean up the essay and make sure it reads well (sounds good to your ear).


Well, that's it for now. If I think of any more tips, I will add them as time goes on.


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AppleSmoothie's picture
AppleSmoothie (not verified)
Hope this helps me for my

Hope this helps me for my exam

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yanna (not verified)
this tips are great thank you

this tips are great thank you

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Tijanyya Collins (not verified)
the comments were very

the comments were very informative and i am sure they will be of great help to me in the exam.

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roe (not verified)
I love to write stories

The tips are great i'm sure they'll help me a lot in my board exams- I usually write stories in the choice section

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guest (not verified)
It think that these tips will

It think that these tips will help me with my essay.

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guest (not verified)
Isn't there someone, noble

Isn't there someone, noble and good-natured enough, to review shortstories?(on this site or by your e-mail?)

AppleSmoothie's picture
Kadeen Murray (not verified)
I think these tips will help

I think these tips will help me well in my exam.

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guest (not verified)
but what if you have a boring

but what if you have a boring life with no friends and nothing exciting has happened

AppleSmoothie's picture
guest (not verified)
lol i would really like to

lol i would really like to know that answer too.

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guest (not verified)
English A

How can I join the study group?

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Romario Edwards (not verified)
i will surly past my cxc exam

i will surly past my cxc exam after reading an now knowing how to write short stories i love this page

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kayann duansingh (not verified)


AppleSmoothie's picture
Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help

AppleSmoothie's picture
guest (not verified)
Well developed

That was so obliging. I will surely utilise these tips in my cxc examination 2012.

AppleSmoothie's picture
guest (not verified)
thanks for the tips they

thanks for the tips they were VERY helpful

AppleSmoothie's picture
guest (not verified)
Thanks for the tips they are

Thanks for the tips they are great i will make good use of them!!! :)

AppleSmoothie's picture
keeonblake (not verified)
Great tips, i have to start

Great tips, i have to start applying those that i hardly apply in the past!!!

AppleSmoothie's picture
Eversley (not verified)
these are very nice tips....

these are very nice tips.... i have a first term English A exam tomorrow and i am adamant that narrative writing is going to be on it... these tips can help me

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EnglishSpark (not verified)
English A. Mathematics and O.A.

Great tips

AppleSmoothie's picture
guest (not verified)
These were really good

These were really good tips....
I hope they will help in my exam

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camoflage (not verified)
Example of a short story

Timmy love his work he always reaches there early in the morning and say Good morning to the the security guard. One day Timmy's boss call him into his office and say he was removing him of his position but Timmy was confuse because he did not know what he did wrong so Timmy ask his boss what has he done and he said you have worked too hard and so i am promoting you to work even smarter than harder.

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guest (not verified)
Great tips for the CXC English short story question

These are some really good tips for answering the short story question on the CXC English exam paper. Thanks a lot! I will use them in the exams this January.

AppleSmoothie's picture
tara (not verified)


AppleSmoothie's picture
shae chynn (not verified)
This a short essay what do u

This a short essay what do u think of it?

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shae chynn (not verified)
Principal gives me letter

Principal gives me letter for parents carry home sealed envelope fearfully parents not at home when i get there go to bed before they arrive. So i dont have to give them the letter. Woke up early in the morning saw my parents discussing in the dining room i said goodmorning Mama and Papa? Goodmorning Shae! they said how was school yesterday? i said to myself why are they asking me this GEEZ! what am i supposed to say now? Fine Mama and Papa. I went to school and my form teacher backed me up at the gate saying......where are your parents? dont come back to school without them. What shall i go home home and say to my parents?

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