Tutorials: CXC CSEC math topic - Trigonometry

1. This is an introduction to the major topics in trigonometry. As always, don't forget to do the problems at the end of the lessons.And...don't forget to leave acomment on the page letting us knowwhether the link was helpful to you.



2. ANIMATED MOVIES! This page has great animated proofs of pythagorus theorum as well as sine and tangent curves and other stuff. Click on 'small format' to load the movieS. You will need to have QuickTime installed on your computer to view the movies. It is great if you understand better when you visualize. 
 Animation showing how to get the solution to Pythagorus theorum.
 Animation showing how the sine curve is formed. And as always...don't forget to leave a comment on the page letting us know whether the link was helpful to you.  

 Here is a very simple explanations showing how the law of cosine works. It includes an interactive demo to help you visualize the concepts.



 Here is a 'proof of concept' for the law of cosine.


 Here is an interactive demo of the law of sine  

 Here is a demonstration of the congruence using triangles.



 An explanation and demo of angles and parallel lines.



 Try a parallel line problem now.



 Try another angle and parallel line problem. You can use the interactive demo to help you.








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Topics in Trigs

our math teacher told us that 3D trigs is part of the new math syllabus and will be tested in the June 2013 examinations
how do I know with certainty whether it will be tested r not? is it part of the syllabus?

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