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The mission of www.CaribExams.org


CaribExams.org is committed to providing members and all CXC CSEC exam candidates with open access to an online library of high quality multimedia resources for the CXC CSEC exams.

The small team that works on CaribExams.org is led by Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens, an Instructional Designer with over 20 years experience in the field of Education. Initiated in 2007, CaribExams.org strives to be an online social space where CXC exam candidates can communicate with each other, get access to CXC exam information and share stories about the challenges of their exam experience with each other.

CaribExams.org is a project that Dr. Daniel-Gittens remains committed to. It is the mission of of the project to:

       - Develop and aggregate the most comprehensive collection of online multimedia resources for the CXC CSEC


       - Provide CXC CSEC exam candidates with access to high quality multimedia learning resources for the CXC                                                 CSEC exams;


       - Encourage and provide opportunities for CaribExams.org members to participate in a regional online CXC CSEC                                           exam community;

       - Further regional co-operation by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among CXC CSEC exam                                                      candidates across the region;


       - Provide up-to-date information on CXC CSEC exams.


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