CXC Math Topic: COMPUTATION (2010)

                                                                       CXC Math Topic: COMPUTATION (2010)



On completion of this section students should be able to:

1. demonstrate an understanding of place value;

2. demonstrate computational skills;

3. be aware of the importance of accuracy in computation;

4. appreciate the need for numeracy in everyday life;

5. demionstrate the ability to make estimates fit for purpose.


SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: The student should be able to:


1. perform computation using any of the four basic operations with real numbers;

Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals.


2. Convert among fractions, percentages and decimals;

Conversion of fractions to decimals and percentages, conversion of decimals to fractions and percentages, conversion of percentages to decimals and fractions.

3. convert from one set of units to another;

Conversion using conversion scales, converting within the metric scales, 12- hour and 24 hour clock, currency conversion.



express a value to a given number of:

(a) significant figures;

(b) decimal places;

1,2 or 3 significant figures.

1,2, or 3 decimal places.


5. write any rational number in standard form;

Scientific notation.


6. calculate any fraction or percentage of a given quantity;

Calculating fractions and percentages of a whole.


7. express one quantity as a fraction or percentage of another;

Comparing two quatities using fractions and percentages.


8. compare two quantities using ratios;

Ratio and proportion.


9. divide a quantity in a given ratio;

Ratio and proportion.



solve problems involving:

(a) fractions;

(b) decimals;

(c) percentages

(d) ratio, rates and proportions;

(e) arithmetic mean.


Here are our computation tutorials to help you prepare for this section of the CXC math exam.
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aaliyah (not verified)

i like this website very helpful because i like math and i want to have a great success towards it

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Aaisha Akbar (not verified)

I love maths

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delroydouglas (not verified)

I like cxc forever.

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guest (not verified)

awwwwwwwwww you not helping me with my wrk

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Meloney (not verified)

Its a pity was really looking forward to see these videos; sure they are good but unfortunately for me, the computer i am using do not show video clips. was hoping to see some flash card or somthing.....

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