CXC CSEC Principles of Accounts (POA): Tutorial and quiz resources

Tutorial and  quiz resources for CXC  Principles of Accounts (POA)


Here are some tutorials resources for CXC POA students. This information website, explains many basic accounting concepts.


In addition here are over thirty (30) quizzes which test your knowledge of basic accounting concepts.

These quizzes are excellent help if you are reviewing for your CXC POA exam.

Here is an overview of several self-paced tutorials on accounting.

In it you will find a self paced tutorial on double entry accounting,

another self-paced tutorial on  the balance sheet,

and tutorial on the income statement.

Here are interactive worksheets  on

a) Basic accounting concepts

b) Managing a balance sheet

c) The double entry accounting system

d) Balancing accounts

e)  Accounts receivable

f) Suspense accounts

g) Control accounts

h) Partnership accounts (1)

i) Partnership accounts (2)

Here are quizzes on the material  presented above

Quiz 1                                                                              Quiz 2

Quiz 3: control accounts                                                 Quiz 4 : suspense accounts

Quiz 5: partnership accounts                                         



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chae (not verified)

Its so cool all the accounts notes are here....jus a click away.

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british (not verified)

this is really useful and really improved my learning and studing....thank you an please create more site like these

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mel (not verified)

it was ma first time and it was cool

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angel (not verified)

great!! this site help me with my studying.........thanks to you all

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fran (not verified)
i like this

thank you. i really like this!:)

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Dom (not verified)
Yupp Very Easy To Understand

Yupp Very Easy To Understand I Love This ... Aiming for a 1 :)

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