CXC Principles of Business Exam guide: Section 1: The Nature of Business

CXC CSEC Principles of Business Exam guide: Section 1: The Nature of Business

CXC CSEC Principles of Business Exam Guide


Profile 1: Organizational Principles

Section 1: The Nature of Business


The students should be able to:


Explain terms and concepts related to business;

Definition and explanation of the following terms and concepts:

(a) enterprise

(b) entrepreneurship

(c) barter

(d) profit

(e) loss

(f) trade

(g) organization

(h) economy

(i) producer

(j) consumer

(k) exchange

(l) goods

(m) services

(n) market

(o) commodity

(p) capital

(q) labour

(r) specialization

2. Trace the development of instruments of exchange;

Brief history of trading instruments from subsistence economy to money economy, including the use of the following:

(a) bills of exchange

(b) credit cards

(c) electronic transfer

(d) tele-banking and e-commerce


State reasons why an individual may want to establish a business;

Reasons for establishing a business



Describe the various forms of business organizations and arrangements;

Forms of business organizations and arrangements: definition, formation and management of:

(a) sole trader

(b) partnerships

(c) co-operatives

(d) companies (including conglomerates      and multi-nationals)

(e) franchises

(f) state corporations and nationalized      industries

(g) local and municipal authorities

(h)government departments

(j) concept of private and public sectors

5. Differentiate among the different economic systems;

Types of economic systems:

(a) traditional (subsistence)

(b) command or planned (socialist)

(c) free or capitalist

(d) mixed (public and private)

6. Identify the stakeholders involved in business activities;

Owners, employees, customers and all other members of society


Discuss the role of the stakeholders involved in business activities;

Role of employers, employees, consumers and government.

8. Outline the functions of a business;

Functions of a business in satisfying needs and wants through the provision of goods and services.


Describe the role of business within a community.

Economic, financial, social, political and ethical.


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Alan Peterson (not verified)
Hmm thanks you so much for

Hmm thanks you so much for such a great information and encourage me to study more hard as compare to earlier in 2 year college study. I will use your guide as it helped me a lot in the past.

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guest (not verified)
wheres the answers

wheres the answers

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hesia abrams (not verified)
business subjects

what is a brief history of trading instrument from subsistence economy to money economy with the use of bill exchange, credit cards, electronic transfer, telebanking, and e-commerce.

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shirlo (not verified)

am searching for the answer myself thought i would have gotten it wen i sign up

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princess (not verified)
principles of account

i use to love accounts but now i dont know what to say anymore its haaaaaaarrd

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shanice distance (not verified)
Principles of Business

i want to join the group can i have some instructions plz

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mrs osborne (not verified)
cant wait to site pob

cant wait to site pob

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shakiel chattoo (not verified)

wish i knew how to sign up for this thing...........

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vikaash (not verified)
Pob and Geography

Are you allowed a dictionary in these subjects

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mrs osborne (not verified)
its exam no in school be real

its exam no in school be real

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Joined: 23 Oct 2007
Re: POB and Geography


No, you are not allowed to carry a dictionary into the CXC CSEC exams.

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skipp (not verified)

it is helpful

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shenika (not verified)
Principle Of Business (POB)

Thanks to all of you guys this bit of information encourage me to study more hard for my CSEC than what I'm studying right now.I'll use your guide to help me organize my study rules once again Thank you may God Blessing be on all you guys, once man create POB I know I can pass it through Christ who strengthen me :D.

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RAJEAVE MATTIS (not verified)

i can do pob but feels i can do better............

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babytwixs (not verified)

thanks for the questions an answers they are so helpful

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mellisa (not verified)
this is great....i can now

this is great....i can now fous on my studies

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Attean (not verified)
principles of business

write a brief history of of trading instruments from subsistenence economy to money economy

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Jemz_06 (not verified)

This is Great!!!!! I can focus my studies!!!! Thanx so much!! I love this site!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

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Jay (not verified)

When are you doing your exam

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sabo_sabo (not verified)
I will like to get some

I will like to get some further information on the cxcn quides..aand what year the ar for

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